Suspend / resume service (adblock) via ssh issue

I have adblock service running on my Archer C7. I love it but sometimes it IS actually nice to be able to click on advertisements, for example if one is looking for a possible purchase.

I can ssh into the Archer and with a simple

service adblock suspend
service adblock resume

suspend / resume the service. However, it would be great to have these two commands available as an alias on my laptop and just execute the whole ssh + above command in one go. But when I try to to this, I get the following error:

chrisi@thinkstation: ssh root@Archer-C7-v2 "service adblock suspend"             
ash: service: not found

I feel this must have something to do with dropbear / busybox maybe? What am I doing wrong?

Take luci-app-commands, see Adblock support thread - #1515 by dibdot for details.

Oh, I just figured out out. If I swap out "service adblock" for "/etc/init.d/adblock" I can get it to work!

ssh root@Archer-C7-v2 "/etc/init.d/adblock suspend"


Wow, this solution is cool too! I didn't know you can bind a link to a command! Thanks for sharing.

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