Surveillance cameras

Hello Guys,

Did someone try to add surveillance cameras recording feature in the router? I believe my Logout

Nighthawk(R) X4S R7800 router has more processor power than my surveillance recorder which is shit

i find that having two 1080p @ 25fps takes alot of CPU resources so you may find that routing and speeds will be bottlenecked, Plus the CPU heat,

ffmpeg is in OpenWrt packages and could be done easy, Something along the lines of;

ffmpeg -i rtsp://username:password@ -f segment -segment_time 1800 -segment_format mp4 -reset_timestamps 1 /media/usb3/cctv/cam1/CAM1-%d.mp4

-segment_time 1800`= This part will create a new file every 30 minutes or about.depending on the next key frame.

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