Surfing anonymously without vpn?


I wonder if it is possible to surfing the net without vpn and being completely or almost anonymous from our Isp?


If that were the case there wouldn't be VPN providers.

Closer you can get is SOCKS but, that has some drawbacks as well when it comes to anonymity. The only solution needs encapsulation / encryption from the start to be cloaked when transmitting bits and packets.

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Everything's encrypted, but perhaps your DNS calls, what would you like to anonymize?

Something to think about.

I use iptv and I would like to hide my internet from isp, maybe dns is enough?

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "hiding your internet from your ISP." Your ISP is who gives the internet to you.

If you want to pretend you're from a different country, especially for streaming services, you will need a VPN. DNS has nothing to do with any of this.


The thing is that what exactly do you want to hide because it is highly likely that 95% of all your internet use is TLS encrypted already so your ISP can see the domain you connect to but that is pretty much it.

And you don’t trust your ISP but is fine with a VPN service provider in Panama or Cayman Islands?

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I suspect that's the result of every second youtube video being paid by some VPN provider.

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I usually post this when people ask about VPN


For the ability to procure the logs from providers in cases of IP Trolls this is an important thing to look at when selecting a provider. There's only a limited selection of countries to be based out of to provide further protections beyond just securing the packets. It's similar to selecting a country in which your banking information can't be obtained by your home country i.e. Switzerland.

Yea, but do Panama have any data protection laws or are they free to use the data logs as they want.

But you do realize the VPN businesses isn’t actually placed in Panama! They are just there on paper, I doubt you will ever find a actual living person somewhere or anywhere in these VPN companies if you actually tried to dig in their business.

To be honest the contact information or business organization is very diffuse or non existent on the big commercial VPN providers.

The same goes for banks that incorporate in say Delaware but major operations are in NYC. The loopholes in business laws makes things possible to be based virtually anywhere and physically somewhere else.

The primary concerns when incorporating are which jurisdiction laws can be enforced from. The other concern is the pacts that nations make regarding data privacy.

5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, & 14 Eyes Countries

  • Does not collect corporate taxes from companies formed in Delaware when they do not conduct business in the state
  • Does not tax royalty payments or other “intangible assets” to the business owners
  • Does not tax stock shares owned by people outside of Delaware

There are other perks for things like CC's incorporated in specific states such as having looser regulations on the amount of interest they can charge in different circumstances like default or being able to apply the "default rate" if you miss a payment on another card with a different company.

It's a lot more complicated than just x/y/z when you dig into things,

The host you connect to is in cleartext in the start of the TLS (HTTPS) connection, in the server name indication field.

VPN providers have excellent marketing.

So you're saying they analyze all outgoing connections?

AFAIK, SNI is about to get encryption, too.

this belongs in the hackers forum.

Keep in mind that the IPTV provider is tracking everything you watch, and for how long.

The data they collect can be used to target advertising, or sell to other companies.

Check their privacy policy.

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They could analyze outgoing connections (until encrypted SNI happens). I haven't heard of this happening in Australia but people in America seem to be quite paranoid about their ISP mining all their DNS requests for data reasons so analyzing the SNI headers would be the next step.

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