Supporting ZSUN Wifi Card Reader (16MB Flash, 64MB RAM, AR9331)

Tried the logread, it works!
Checked the md5s, all match.

But still, i insert and remove the card during boot time, when it blinks faster, and still it stays blinking fast for as long as I leave it plugged in, and no wifi ssid found.

Just a note, don't know if it matter but I'm still using version 19.07.3 as the main firmware. I don't want to update until I have the recovery working

If everything matches then it should just work... :confused:

I have uploaded a short video on how to trigger the recovery firmware:

You may also try the alternative u-boot I have just uploaded to GitHub, which should make it easier to boot either the main or recovery firmware.
It uses a different logic to select the firmware to boot, so when you connect your Zsun to the USB it will:

  • Immediately boot the main firmware if the SD Card is inserted.
  • Immediately boot the recovery firmware if the SD Card is ejected.

To flash it follow the below instructions and make sure the md5sum matches:

root@Zsun-SD100:~# md5sum /tmp/zsun-sd100.u-boot.alt.bin
eb1884192d412e8b74c38dc31531d990  /tmp/zsun-sd100.u-boot.alt.bin
root@Zsun-SD100:~# insmod $(find /lib/modules/ -name mtd-rw.ko) i_want_a_brick=1
root@Zsun-SD100:~# mtd write /tmp/zsun-sd100.u-boot.alt.bin u-boot
Unlocking u-boot ...

Writing from /tmp/zsun-sd100.u-boot.alt.bin to u-boot ...
root@Zsun-SD100:~# md5sum /dev/mtd0
eb1884192d412e8b74c38dc31531d990  /dev/mtd0

WARNING: Flashing the u-boot partition is dangerous and may cause you to brick your device - proceed with care!

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Thank you, the video helped, i was doing the push way later in the boot process.
I didnt try the alternative uboot but seems a good idea, although it requires that there is a sd card permanently inserted

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Note that it can be a broken one, all it needs to do is trigger the card-inserted switch (which is either mechanical or a very, very basic electric contact).

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I have a 32MB one inserted all the time (yes - 32 MEGAbytes not giga - one of the few in world I think :slight_smile: )

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