Supporting ZSUN Wifi Card Reader (16MB Flash, 64MB RAM, AR9331)

Tried the logread, it works!
Checked the md5s, all match.

But still, i insert and remove the card during boot time, when it blinks faster, and still it stays blinking fast for as long as I leave it plugged in, and no wifi ssid found.

Just a note, don't know if it matter but I'm still using version 19.07.3 as the main firmware. I don't want to update until I have the recovery working

If everything matches then it should just work... :confused:

I have uploaded a short video on how to trigger the recovery firmware:

You may also try the alternative u-boot I have just uploaded to GitHub, which should make it easier to boot either the main or recovery firmware.
It uses a different logic to select the firmware to boot, so when you connect your Zsun to the USB it will:

  • Immediately boot the main firmware if the SD Card is inserted.
  • Immediately boot the recovery firmware if the SD Card is ejected.

To flash it follow the below instructions and make sure the md5sum matches:

root@Zsun-SD100:~# md5sum /tmp/zsun-sd100.u-boot.alt.bin
eb1884192d412e8b74c38dc31531d990  /tmp/zsun-sd100.u-boot.alt.bin
root@Zsun-SD100:~# insmod $(find /lib/modules/ -name mtd-rw.ko) i_want_a_brick=1
root@Zsun-SD100:~# mtd write /tmp/zsun-sd100.u-boot.alt.bin u-boot
Unlocking u-boot ...

Writing from /tmp/zsun-sd100.u-boot.alt.bin to u-boot ...
root@Zsun-SD100:~# md5sum /dev/mtd0
eb1884192d412e8b74c38dc31531d990  /dev/mtd0

WARNING: Flashing the u-boot partition is dangerous and may cause you to brick your device - proceed with care!

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Thank you, the video helped, i was doing the push way later in the boot process.
I didnt try the alternative uboot but seems a good idea, although it requires that there is a sd card permanently inserted

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Note that it can be a broken one, all it needs to do is trigger the card-inserted switch (which is either mechanical or a very, very basic electric contact).

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I have a 32MB one inserted all the time (yes - 32 MEGAbytes not giga - one of the few in world I think :slight_smile: )

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Can someone share the complete ethernet port connection diagram with all the necessary components?

did you see zsun sd100 pics on post linked from top of this thread?

This zsun sd100 video flashes a pic on screen with etherenet connected but doesn't say anything about it.

Ok, I noticed that 1nformatica has a separate video on how to connect the ethernet jack.

@brunompena Seems you are still working on the Zsun, would you happen to have a patch for the 22.03 imagebuilder? :slight_smile:

No, not really.
I have not touched the firmware since 21.02.0 as I lost interest in this project (the initial goal was to merge with upstream which unfortunately did not happen).
I might give it a try with 22.03, but only after the Christmas break as I am currently away.


Hi @brunompena ,
First of all thanks for the recent batch of updates in your repo.
If you don't mind me asking - why not focus only on the latest 22.03.3 (why all the RCs)?

It was a (perhaps silly) attempt to keep version parity with the official OpenWrt releases.

The patches for 22.03 are now available on the GitHub repository.


Hello, I have this version, is it safe to update? I no longer remember which version I installed.

 OpenWrt 19.07.3, r11063-85e04e9f46

root@OpenWrt:~# md5sum /proc/mtd
83f3182ed6ebb0d9368f23841c09b697  /proc/mtd

on a first look I'd say you're running one of the brunompena's first releases so you can continue the upgrade procedure accordingly but if you want to be super safe you should wait for another opinion

Update works :wink:


Hi, I have this zsun from the start, but only using it for a glorified usb card reader.

I tried to flash it to openwrt by following this guide, but it left me on openwrt 15.05, and I cannot do sysupgrade to newer openwrt releases. I got this error: Can't open device for writing!

Any ideas?

Here's my full backup from stock firmware:
SHA256: 25CEC984E1D164C8B6990566D8A3CF4CBA8454413970E2EF9AAADE023CEF3970

You need a 1.8v programmer to flash this. If you don't have a wson8 to dip8 adapter, you can use a clip, flip the chip and align the dot on the chip to the red cable, like this: