Supporting the Cudy TR3000 in OpenWrt

I did, they have a few improvements for USB modem handling (and not only). It is my main reason to use OpenWRT on TR3000, as the stock firmware from Cudy currently does not support it.

Is this one with wireguard included? I have GL-MT300Nv2 but it is too slow. I would like to replace it with TR3000. I would use Wifi / tethered with iPhone and wireguard. So it would be great if there is an image with all those I need already included.

there's no such image.

if you know which packages you need, you can customize the image by adding the names of the packages by clicking the tiny arrow in

It works fine for me with this build

Hello, you can also buy the TR3000, which also has 128mb + 512mb with 3x3 mimo + 2.5g and the price was 56.90 euros 4 weeks ago at

Now it costs more again unfortunately

wr3000s is also ok 256+512mb with 3x3 mimo

but I have to say something because many people say it with a problem

I always had problems with the wr3000 and also with the original firmware. The problem was aborted until it was restarted, so the problem is with the cudy wr3000

I sent it back and got the Xiaomi AX3000T and it runs 24/7 with an outdoor router without any problems



at Amazon promotion 90.66 euros - 20% so about 72-73 euros

but too expensive since it was 56.90

but good wifi 6 router

not officially released yet, but it's in the 23.05.4 currently being built.

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