Supported router missing from ToH


I tried to add the MirkoTik RB493G router to the ToH but there is already a page for the router so I the add a router page wouldn't let me add it. The page is:

I see that the ToH page is dynamically generated so I don't know how to get the router to show up.


The device is in the ToH...there isn't any firmware listed for it.[Brand*~]=MikroTik&dataflt[Model*~]=RB493G

Is that why it doesn't show up here:[Brand*~]=mikrotik

You would need to ask @tmomas about that.

He is the last author of that page.

I updated the support status of RB493G just now.

Thank you. Lede/openwrt 17.04 runs very well on this unit and it is still available for purchase. 9 1Gb ports, lots of flash and ram, what's not to love.