Support time for each version

Where can the support time of each system version be found? After the support time, is it no longer provided the kernel and each software update?

A few links for you.

Version History
Release Goals
Release Builds


Old builds are still available for download, including packages, ranging back to 2007. See here:

The older builds, as shown on the Wiki pages, do not receive updates any more and are provided as-is.



This lists the currently support or not supported OpenWrt versions.

Version Current status Projected EoL
23.05 Fully supported -
22.03 Security maintenance EoL (April 2024)
21.02 End of life EoL (May 2023)
19.07 End of life EoL (April 2022)
18.06 End of life EoL
17.01 End of life EoL
15.05 End of life EoL

I stumbled on this on /. or hn recently. I like that they are trying to consolidate huge swaths of projects and distros under one umbrella:

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