Support Qualcomm IPA driver in OpenWrt?

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Disappointed by the very poor performance of LTE-A/5G modems under OpenWrt, I came across Qualcomm IPA. Is it possible to test these drivers under OpenWrt?

In addition, support is only provided
for the IPA found in the Qualcomm SDM845 SoC.

Seems to be present in the Linux Kernel already but only for the Snapdragon 845.

This is a very old topic. First time I saw mention of Qualcomm IPA when I was looking at a pdf with at commands for RM520N-GL.

I didn't expect it would be such a limited driver.

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There's two versions of IPA, Qualcomm's closed source driver and the Opensource version that was built for the SDM845 and SC7180 which was called IPA lite originally.

The SDM845 uses a Snapdragon X20 modem, which is a distant predecessor of the X62 found in the RM520.
Attached is a presentation from Linaro Connect by Alex Elder

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Beautiful description from the PDF sounds promising, it would be nice if some of it could be run under OpenWrt (because I don't know where to look for reason for the low internet speeds obtained on USB modems).