Support of TL-WR841N v14.x and TL-WR840N v6.2


Is TP-LINK TL-WR841N v14.x now officially supported of course with the 4/32 limitation?
I've seen that TL-WR840N v6.2 is not yet supported officially is this true?

Thanks for information, I have to buy 30x equipment's of either TL-WR841N v14.x or TL-WR840N v6.2 which must support OpenWRT...

  • What is your usecase?
  • How much money are you going to spend on the 30 devices? Please give a number, not "as little as possible".
  • How long shall these devices run with OpenWrt?

My problem is that I cannot get much routers living in Argentina.
Everything is costly for us...
What I can get is mostly TP Link.
At the moment not even Archer C50 I can get, only C20 but V5 and it seems that this is not fully supported.
Usecase: as router wifi only for 2Mbps internet trafic, no VPN nothing.
I nees openwrt to have fully access to show trafic, do speed test etc. on client site...
Nothing more....
The routers costs me 35u$ which is a lot for us as noted.