Support Nokia beacon 6 OpenWRT QSDK)

Anyone here with experience with OpenWRT on the Nokia Beacon 6?
I'm trying to get the Open WRT QSDK installed,

according to the manual it says:

Beacon 6 Toolchain for shared and separate
1.1 Build the toolchain
The Beacon 6 SDK uses Qualcomm's QSDK, an OpenWRT fork initially based on OpenWRT 15.05 (“Chaos
Calmer”) but with a number of security fixes and a more recent (4.4.60) kernel. Instructions for pulling duck
building the SDK can be found at, but are summarized

I can't find much information. Anyone here who has come across it?

... isn't used here, ask the Q in QSDK for assistance.

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how did you mean I didn't quite understand where you meant me to ask

you know QSDK stands for, right ?

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Yes, i do.

what's the issue with ^ then ?

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This clearly states who you have to direct your question to.

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