Support MyMax WR923-BK?

Good afternoon, could someone tell me this router model would support OpenWRT?

MyMax WR923-BK

There is not much information about him.


Is there no way to port to this model then?

Open it up, post photos of the PCB, and we'll see.

You could also post the system log, after a fresh reboot, seems it's availabe in the webui.

If it is supportable, it'll be you doing the porting, since you're the person with the device on hand.

Here are the PCB photos and logs. What's the next step?

Seems to be an all Realtek design (SOC and wireless), which implies game over (see "lexra" for background information).

Sorry, I'm a layman on the subject and I don't understand what you mean.

He's saying it won't work, since the SoC isn't supported by plain Linux.
Search for Lexra, here, at the forum, for additional info.

See for Lexra support status.