Support MA5671A SFP GPON

Thank you very much for the detailed instructions. I will try them now.

Keep you informed


I tried with bmx29 and minhng99 mtd1's but It doesn't solve the problem :frowning:

In gtop I see PLOAM state = 1.

One thing that surprises me: If I connect the fiber cable with the module started it doesn't change anything (same values gtop with cable disconnected). If I restart the module with the cable inserted I see sync in Receive state machine status and Receive superframe state machine status and Downstream FEC= YES. In both cases same Ploam state.

Any other ideas?

i have same problem firmware HL23446 is not work
change to other firmware now working


I think I wrote you on Mikrotik´s thread. I read you had the same problem.

I will try modified mtd2 image from @bmx29

Which firmware do you use?

Update: Indeed this was the problem. I used modded @bmx29 mtd2 and it detects light immediately. I didn't finish the config yet but it goes to Ploam State 3. Thank you @kapook007.

I will try to compare both images to shed some light.


I wonder if this problem is related to saved parameters from previous firmware.
Maybe this command will help clear the old data?
root@SFP:/# firstboot

To clarify me: Do you propose reflash with HL23446 mtd2 and execute this command?


Yes, that's what I propose. I will also try firmware HL23446 with mtd1 variables from your module.

I done it.

Restored HL23446 mtd2 and "original" mtd1.

root@SFP:~# firstboot
This will erase all settings and remove any installed packages. Are you sure? [N/y]
/dev/mtdblock4 is mounted as /overlay, only erasing files

Now, it seems mtd1 is empty. fw_printenv show no variables. I imagine I have to restore original mtd1 before rebooting.

mtd4 seems empty and mtd2 also changed (different md5sum)

webgui also broken.

pastebin showing differences between dmesg from HL23446 and Huawei's (bmx29 modded):

Is it safe to reboot? Or should I have to restore something else before?


Restarting the module is safe as long as you have a USB adapter at hand in case something goes wrong. Firmware HL23446 on my MA5671A module works without any problems. It connected right away.
Here is the mtd1 that I used

Yes, I have one.

Thank you for your mtd1. I will try it now.

mtd4 is critical here or not?

I would not worry about mtd4. It will be populated.

I used your mtd1 and still same behaviour.

I connected the cable and no reaction in gtop. Ploam state 1.

One thing I notice in otop -> status . If I'm not wrong (memory) Precalc & DCDCs voltages in Huawei (bmx29) firmware are around 35V and with HL23446 are around 44V. Both before connecting fiber cable.

Thank you for your valuable help

I used your mtd1 and still same problem
old mtd1 HL23446 mtd2 got ip
new mtd1 HL23446 mtd2 got ip

HL23446 mtd2 problem is
OLT signal very good -14dbm Ploam state 5
OLT signal narmal -24dbm Ploam state 1

please share working HL23446 mtd0 mtd1 mtd2 mtd5

Are you saying that if someone lives near OLT (strong signal -14dbm) then firmware HL23446 works on MA5671A just fine?
I saw several requests on the Mikrotik forum for full software for HL23446 or CPGOS03-0490. But no one shared them.
What's your signal level?
Perhaps part of the problem is the lack of optical calibration on your module. This may be important for distant locations. My module MA5671A came as calibrated.

Mine is 03032WDY

Signal level is on otop -> status -> RSSI 1490 Power ?

RSSI 1490 power, my is -15.72 dBm

-20.82dBm with bmx29 (same value that ISP's provided HGU)

With HL23446 doesn't make sense --> -11dBm with or without the fiber connected.

By the way, I think you use this SFP module as bridge. Can you give me some brief guide to setup bridge mode?


My understanding is that this module responds to an OMCI inquiry about its capabilities. After identifying itself as a single port SFU, OLT should assign a bridge profile.
Good night.

Ok, I will try tomorrow too. Good night.

Thank you for all your support :clap: :clap: