Support for Xiaomi Wifi R3P Pro?

right. so what you've done is called "net booting" (or tftp booting). what you want to do (afterwards) is to run sysupgrade. and when the uboot menu (the early boot one.. the one from the first log) comes up don't press anything and it should just be fine (assuming you already set the flags to make it boot from kernel1.. the steps on the TOH i mean)

Hello i am new to openwrt i am using mi router pro R3P as my primary router and cant afford to mess with it so i want to know is it really a right time to install open wrt on this router or wait for stable release at later stage what i mean is openwrt is working on par with official mi firmware at this stage if not better?

I read almost all previous 903 comments on this topic and acc to some knowledge i gained about that snapshot version do not support wifi yet because no open source driver so i want to know which version to install snapshot one or closed sourced one from some users here like ilyas ? I have ESMT NAND in my router i checked it by physically opening the router instead of SSH. The reason i want to install openwrt is because no English language on most updated official firmware which have features like support for ipv6 among some others.

Thanks for the reply. I am unable to install luci now. This is the error I get even after doing a opkg update.

root@OpenWrt:/tmp# opkg install luci
Installing luci (git-19.260.29363-0d06e34-1) to root...
Collected errors:
 * opkg_download: Failed to download, wget returned 8.
 * opkg_install_pkg: Failed to download luci. Perhaps you need to run 'opkg update'?
 * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package luci.

I checked if the file exists and the file does not exist. Does that mean my opkg update command is not working?

What are the commands to update using SSH?

Anyone using the snapshot builds? I heard the wireless was finally stable these days using the open source driver. I'm on the snapshot currently and everything works fine except the wifi. It was working when I first configured it all, but after a reboot (nothing changed configuration wise) it's saying Wireless is not associated.

Are snapshots essentially "nightly builds" and not something people should be using as a daily driver? If so, I'm assuming there isn't an official stable build yet? I had just wanted to test some things out. Fortunately I don't really use wifi ever, so I can run this for now, but I'll have to end up flashing Ilyas's build again if anyone else here ends up needing wifi (which of course isn't a problem, I was just itching for an update)

you probably caught it at a bad time, when it was in the middle of updating the list... do opkg update again and try again. (i checked the package file on the server and it looks sane)

rename it to foo.bin (or something) scp (or something) the file to your router, then

sysupgrade foo.bin

it has other options as well, but i think the defaults are sane.

i'm using a snapshot build... it's working fine (including wifi). maybe you're running into the (infamous) "settings are not preserved after a reboot" problem. make sure the settings are still there.

and yes snapshots are really "nightly builds" (funny, i didn't think anyone used that terminology) and whether or not you want to use it as a daily driver is up to you :slight_smile: you might get lucky (or not). i guess if you end up with a bad build you can wait a few days and sysupgrade again and hope the problem has gone away :slight_smile:

i'm assuming mir3p will end up in 19.07 when that's released

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate all the help. I've been able to fix all the issues - the router running normally with Samba installed. The only issue is that I have the "settings are not preserved after a reboot" bug which you mentioned. My WiFi needs to be re-enabled after every reboot. Is there any solution to this? Also, I have to reinstall luci and all other add-on after systemupdate - is this normal?

Seems like it must be related to that bug. Had to unbind wifi from lan and then rebind it. I also noticed that by default it was setting the power lower than the proprietary drivers so boosting that brought the old signal back.

The only thing that seems to be missing now is that ok your build I was able to use 80+80mhz for 5G with the proprietary drivers but that option seems to be missing and if I choose 160mhz it seems to break that radio.

Oh, and auto channel seems to cause either radio to die for me, but I just used a wifi analyzer app to do it manually.

On the bright side cake scheduler with sqm is working and it really does shine for bufferbloat which is fantastic as someone that streams and games :slight_smile:

Learning open wrt has been a great experience, big thanks for all the help I received here.

this bug is easy to verify. there will be something in dmesg saying that it was unable to mount ubifs (or somesuch) and falling back to tmpfs (or somesuch). you can also see it in the output of mount. on a healthy system the relevant line should look like this:

overlayfs:/overlay on / type overlay (rw,noatime,lowerdir=/,upperdir=/overlay/upper,workdir=/overlay/work)

while (i can't remember off the top of my head) if it failed to mount ubifs the "upperdir" will be /tmp (something)

might be a good idea to verify this, because it seems like you've done sysupgrade already and the bug hasn't gone away (but it should have). btw, yes it's normal that you have to re-install luci and all other packages after an upgrade. and yes, it's annoying.

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see my reply to @muhammed for verifying if you're running into the "changes are lost" bug

yup. same experience here.

yeah. same here :slight_smile: from the little research i did on this it seems to be a known (generic) bug.

Hello people. In my case, I can fix most issues, but I still have this same wifi problem when I restart the router.

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The error that I have is this:

MediaTek Nand driver init, version v2.1 Fix AHB virt2phys error

How I can fix it?

Hello my friends.

Why is luci-app-access-control not available to install on R3P Pro?

Can I install straight from GitHub?

opkg install

Hi friends,

I am trying to use firewall rules for Parental controls as per but it is not working, I am getting the error below.

Warning: Unable to locate ipset utility, disabling ipset support
Warning: Option @rule[9].weekdays must not be a list
Warning: Section @rule[9] (Reject Ludmilla iPhone) skipped due to invalid options
Warning: Option @rule[10].weekdays must not be a list
Warning: Section @rule[10] (Reject Laura iPad) skipped due to invalid options

are all other settings kept? is this the only thing that is not "saved"? if so, this is a new problem i haven't encountered before.

can you send me a full dmesg and logread log output? (use pastebin or something)

see this thread

if you really want to install the package, download it and then install it:

curl -O
opkg install luci-app-access-control_0.4.2_all.ipk

(i'm not sure that curl is installed by default. you might need to install it. or wget)

this isn't an error message. it's a rather strange driver initialization message. don't worry about it.

This is what my dmesg says about ubifs:

[   12.363924] UBIFS (ubi0:1): background thread "ubifs_bgt0_1" started, PID 508
[   12.542621] UBIFS (ubi0:1): UBIFS: mounted UBI device 0, volume 1, name "rootfs_data"
[   12.550458] UBIFS (ubi0:1): LEB size: 126976 bytes (124 KiB), min./max. I/O unit sizes: 2048 bytes/2048 bytes
[   12.560351] UBIFS (ubi0:1): FS size: 239349760 bytes (228 MiB, 1885 LEBs), journal size 11935744 bytes (11 MiB, 94 LEBs)
[   12.571189] UBIFS (ubi0:1): reserved for root: 4952683 bytes (4836 KiB)
[   12.577776] UBIFS (ubi0:1): media format: w4/r0 (latest is w5/r0), UUID 4F509D67-7990-4FF1-84EF-915FDF615813, small LPT model
[   12.591131] mount_root: overlay filesystem has not been fully initialized yet
[   12.598948] mount_root: switching to ubifs overlay

I couldn't find anything you mentioned. BTW, I just updated again. Am I correct to only do a


Is there any script or something that will automatically install luci etc after each upgrade?

Thank you all so much for the replies and help.

Hi Ilyas.

Thanks for this information, but I have some other message:

Warning: Option @rule[9].weekdays must not be a list
Warning: Section @rule[9] (Reject Ludmilla iPhone) skipped due to invalid options
Warning: Option @rule[10].weekdays must not be a list
Warning: Section @rule[10] (Reject Laura iPad) skipped due to invalid options

I used this doc you send me.
I have created the firewall rules but do not work, I think is because this error.
After the time I have scheduled the access to internet still works.


Are all other settings kept? Yes

is this the only thing that is not "saved"? Yes

Please see the log information below.

@muhammed @Adilson

right. so this is a different bug we're dealing with. for some reason the wifi ends up not being "enabled". you're going to need to check your settings. when wifi is disabled you should see something in /etc/config/wireless to that effect. in general, clicking on the tab for the wifi and clicking 'enable' and then 'save configuration changes' should do the trick.