Support for Xiaomi MiWiFi 3C

Yes better signals and much user friendly UI, flash it from the breed bootloader

I installed it,
And now I am using it, yes its wifi signal are just like stock

It is same like miwifi stock firmware,
Just in addition to stock it does allow guest wifi in access point/ repeater mode

Actually I want to use my router

  1. as access point/repeater which is connected to my main router with wire.
  2. guest wifi
  3. vpn/openvpn for guest wifi
  4. control over connections like to block, limit over different connection.

Do u have any suggestion for it?

I have the same problem:telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused.
How did you solve it?

Keep connection as it was with mi3c stock firmware,
Use miwifi 4a exploit and than u can.
Remove wan connection and use it's original iP

Now we just need to build a firmware.
Similar device: Xiaomi Mi WiFi Nano

Need fixes:
Wifi problems. Porting nano to r3c, because wifi in nano is 2 antennas and r3c have 4 antennas.

WAN and LAN1 Ports are interchanged. Ports Problems

Do you have any more problems?
Stock vs OpenWrt performance.

Build an instructions to place on the wiki. Wiki

one problem is,
it works slow on openwrt device as compared to stock, and padavan.
I am using it as wire connected repeater.
one more problem dont know, it might be because of interchanged wan lan or my settings,
I cant connect to my devices connected to second router ( repeater- miwifi 3c -openwrt installed).

use this

did u get any succes in compiling new firmware for miwifi 3c?

I don't know how to create a firmware.
I've just been making a check list for those who know how to do it.
We have to find someone who knows.
Especially because they are not complex problems.

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Maybe you can try the firmware of skw92a or MIR4A 100M


I gave again installed openwrt.
Can please try compiling for miwifi 3c again.
I am ready to try.

Tried but,
It doesn't worked

news? i'm waiting ...

This is padavan firmware of Xiaomi router 3C compiled by me, but it is Chinese version. Do you need English version?

padavan doesnt offer much features when it is in accesspoing mode.
can you please compile openwert for us, and for openwrt community.


The goal is to build an openwrt image for the r3c and then ask to add official support.

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ok,I will compile openwrt if I have enough time


must use router mode

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device itself is router ( router cum extender ),
we would like to use it as router and extender.

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