Support for Xiaomi Mi Wifi 4


I know 2 ways

  1. Or in this thread will someone
  2. Or need make project on upwork => will cost, devide cost to all


Yes-I would donate money to the developer.


And way3 exist - i see hw is SAME as on 3g - can anybody try
0) (optional - to restore stock fw if any) - make dump of all partitions (cat /proc/mtd; dd if=/dev/mtd5 of=/tmp/mtd5) => copy files to some ext location

  1. make steps from manual

It will just quicker, then if i will order device for test (1-1.5month), 35$ is cost - so may be somebody can try, if he need quicker


It has no USB port. For Mi Wifi 4 I don't have a developer firmware to upload via update page. How can SSH access be gained?


Agree, if no developer-firmware available (i dont think from 3g it will work there) only serial way theoretically possible


initram-fs from 3g starts fine, but router has different mtd layout, able to boot it from serial port