Support for Xiaomi Mi Wifi 4

Hi All,

Just acquired this new Xiaomi router and would like to install openwrt/Lede on it.

Do you know if any possibility exists to setup this model as openwrt/Lede box ?

Thank you

At the moment, no.

However the device appears to be very similar to its predecessor (the Xiaomi mi wifi router 3g, which appears to be the better choice from a hardware point of view), so it's likely not too difficult to add support for yours as well.

One difficulty is how to install openwrt on this equipment as there is no USB port ?

Well,simply copy the file using SCP or wget

Oh, didn't know that ssh access was available.

By default it isnt,but I am sure that you can use the same trick as for R3G and R3

And may I use the same firmware than the R3G ?

No,off course not

Okay, so looking forward to downloading correct firmware

Until a developer gets their hands on it nothing will happen.

Hope that will happen soon :wink:

What's news about? Maybe I can some help for testing or do other monkey work?

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oh my this is good ill follo this

Hey guys! Up topic!
Is there any news?

is there already a firmware on this

as I understand it-the router does not interest anyone?

Yes, There are people, but still no developer. So my device is sitting around useless. I need to disable NAT which is not possible with the original Chinese firmware.

Same for me.
Box is useless as well and waiting for new firmware.

Need send some money to some developer, and process will much quicker (i cant make this task)

Okay. How much and send to who ?