Support for WN536A8?

I need some help getting the wifi to work right on the Winstars WN536A8:
It's also the Jetstream AC3000 router that was sold at Walmart.

The config for the WN531A6 basically works, but wifi isn't set up right.

The 531 is just dual band, but the 538 is tri-band. The 538 has a MT7615DN that does 2ghz and 5ghz, and also a MT7615N that adds another 5ghz band. Using the 531 build dts, only one 5ghz band shows up, and the kernel barfs a warning about phys2 - no real surprise.

The MT7615DN uses DBDC to get two bands on one chip, and it is basically supported now in the master branch of openwrt, and it does seem to nearly be working right:

But there is some configuration issue here, and I can't find an example of a working config for a device that does tri-band using DBDC for two of the bands using the mt76 drivers.

So how to configure the 538 correctly, and get all 3 bands working?

I'm still interested in too here. Having the AC3000 WN-533A8 with tri-band, but system is working on WN-531A6 (dual band wifi.) Any way possible to make it working?

See the link to the topic here...

Looks good, but please tell me how to apply these changes you have done? Can you tell me? Thanks.