Support for Wavlink WL-WN530A3

Want this device to be more useful considering its stock firmware is too limited and lacks features, and has decent hardware.
Confirmed after opening and searching the IC's online, it's specs as follows;

RoM/Ram: 64mb/512mb(Zentel A3R12E40DBF-AH)
Cpu/Wifi: MT7628AN/MT612EN(MediaTek)
One chip or if it is a transistor I cannot find: 8pin BH1610 and its manf./company symbol is like G.
1 USB 2.0 Port, WPS Button,Reset, 2 10/100mbps LAN and 1 WAN Port

I have also checked Wavlink device(WL-WN575A3) on here with probably the same chips but skeptical if it's OpenWRT firmware is compatible with this device. As much as possible would like to make recovery(incase of brick) be noob friendly without going into serial port mode or avoid bricking.