Support for Unistech M300v1

Please add support for this chinese router

Unistech M300v1

Ram: EtronTech EM6AB160TSD-5G


More images:

Please supply full details of the device, including SoC and wireless chips. A boot log would be helpful as well, including if signed firmware is required. This kind of information is needed to know if it is even possible.

A search on Google for that device yields no results for me.

Edit: "4 x 10/100 Ethernet ports." suggest that this is an ancient or drastically cost-reduced device that is unlikely to have sufficient resources to run current versions of Linux. Please see

It is unlikely that there will be much interest for a device that is already effectively obsolete.

I aplied more photos:

Click below for High-res pic

I have a usb ttl , but don't know where exactly to solder it here ..

ordered it from ebay and it says it's the chinese version of D-link Dir-615, I searched google and SOC and ram seems like this one :

Most versions of the DIR-615 are either at their end of life, due to insufficient flash and RAM, or are unsupportable. There appear to be at least 18 major variants of the DIR-615 listed. shows 22 revisions, none of which have more than 32 MB of RAM, which puts the device into the "unlikely worth supporting" category.

32 MB can work for minimal router/AP functions, but may repeatedly “crash”, depending on your hardware and use case

If it is, in fact, a straight copy of a DIR-615, there may be some clues around the serial at

I undestand. Is there a way so i could force flash a dir-615 version and possibility for this to work out.

I already tried during the web interface, it's not working.

Take a look, based on searching for "AP699E" that I could read from the photo, at

and anything else you can find using the rest of the numbers.

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I am.. Thank you very much for the quick responses.

It might also be -- I can't read enough of the board numbers with the glare in that image.

yes, but on this one the ram chip is not the same ...

Unistech M300v1 High-res pic:

Is there a way so i can test those firmwares above and not brick it?

"AP699E" seems to be a common prefix in board marking, you'll have to search on what you can read from the board.

No, flashing the wrong firmware is likely to brick the router, perhaps permanently.

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Alright, any suggestions how to be able to flash that crap with openwrt :slight_smile: ?

LOL, I don't know where you're located, but in the US, Amazon could get a nice little, well-supported GL.iNet router in your hands for US$20 or less by Monday.

Going with "that crap" the first steps would be to confirm if it is, in fact, a shameless copy of a supported device. Any luck searching on the board numbers?

Do you have a 'scope and/or multimeter? Hooking up a serial line might provide more insight, if there aren't further clues in the OEM GUI.


No guarantees, and definitely check with a 'scope or good meter before hooking things up, but I would guess, from the top

  • RX or TX
  • TX or RX
  • Ground (can be seen bonded to what I assume is a ground plane)
  • V+ (C84 is perhaps a bypass cap)

Don't hook up V+ and don't use anything greater than 3.3 V serial. Even a TTL (5 V) adapter can fry the board, and an RS232 adapter can put out ±25 V unloaded, which will almost certainly fry the board.

A 'scope will show activity on TX as it boots.

It's not the money, i wanted to see what the chinese have created.. This one costed me $15.

I am going to try hooking the wires (in 1-2 days ) and post the results.

I'm trying to get such a router with the original firmware - like this:

Does anyone have any idea where to buy such a new one?
Or get the original firmware file ??

Please Update me: