Support for Unielec U7621-01

looking support for Unielec U7621-01. found someone
but not sure about official OpenWrt. it can use U7621-06 firmware but it has different flash mem and maybe more. ?

Yes, thats my source, i've requested for official support to be added

But no traction, awaiting for approval.

Here is built images if you want to use it.

Built images based on v19.07.5

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There are install images for 18.06.02, then sys upgrade for 19.
I assume you start by installing 18, den upgrade to 19 .... ?

I directly flash U7621-06 19.x firmware from oem firmware but wireless not work correctly. and some random hang. not sure why

You flash mem is 25L12835F right ?

U7621-06, dont have wifi cards by default. Feel free to use my image as i use the U7621-01 device.