Support for TP-LINK TL-WR802N V4


I Flashed OpenWRT on my WR802nV4, its all fine and dandy. But for now I want to get back to Stock Firmware.

Is the only possible way with Serial Terminal?

I tried to Flash stock firmware back with TFTP = Bricked.
Then I tried stripped stock firmware = Bricked.
Then I Flashed OpenWRT back with TFTP = Works.
Then I tried to Flash stock Firmware with sysupgrade = Bricked.



Ok...I got it.

Flash WR802nV4 Stock ROM with TFTP-Recovery Method:

Cut the first 0x200 (that is 512) Bytes from original firmware (This cuts only header of firmware, Recovery need bootloader and firmware):

dd if=orig.bin of=tplink.bin skip=1 bs=512


Because of Request, I uploaded the stripped original FW files for TFTP-Recovery. (EU and US Versions)


Would you expect any problems using either of the above FW (from chick0n) for the (JP) version? If not, would it be a big request to include it in your zip files? domo arigatou. :smile:


I flashed the firmware provided by @drytoastman and it works great. Is someone working in getting this code upstream?