Support for TP-Link TDW8961ND?

I have a spare TP-Link TDW8961ND Version 1.1 that I would like to use as a secondary access point in my network (i.e I am not bothered about the ADSL side if it). I cannot see it listed in the hardware list but I do see models like 8960 and 8968. Would anyone be able to advise whether this device would work ?

Here is a picture of the device.

I would be happy to sacrifice this device in the endaevours of experimentation...



There's only one device in the ToH with the same SoC, but it is not supported:[CPU*~]=TC3162

Ok then; one for ebay to fund purchse of boxes that I know will work :slight_smile:

I do have this box installed and working as a secondary access point using its own firmware and it's working ok, but I have a more capable and LEDE compatable device arriving in a couple of days to replace it.