Support for TP-Link RE355 which is identical with RE450?

@Heinz: The firmware is running great everything is working fine (Repeater, Access Point). Thanks again.

Is there a way back to the original firmware without a serial cable ?

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I am thinking of getting some TP-Link RE355. Can anyone point me to the flashing instructions for this device?

@meshpoint. and

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Thanks this works great

@Heinz how can I generate a RE355 firmware to back to stock? Thanks!

@facada: See post from different thread Help please! 110$ re450 bricked!

Best regards, Samoth

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Thanks, @samoth! Is it possible to recover re355 using the same re450 firmware (re450bs.bin)?

@facada: Yes should be possible see first post in this thread. The hardware is absolutely the same. But I have not tried it.
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@samoth Thanks again for the reply.
It's possible to use re450_back_to_stock.bin to recover re355 or back to stock firmware!

@facada: Great. Thanks for the info.:grinning: Could you perhaps post a foto with connected cable and what cable you have used to load the firmware.

Best regards, Samoth

@samoth I've used LuCI interface (System - Firmware upgrade) to upload the firmware. My router is not bricked.

@facada: Really, that's cool. You mean you have used the re450bs.bin with Luci and then you were back to stock ? Then it is a new method, interesting. :grinning:
Best regards, Samoth

@samoth exactly! everything came back as before! :smiley:

Where can I find re450_back_to_stock.bin firmware for Openwrt?


Have you found the re450_back_to_stock.bin and does it work on a TP link re355?


Thanks. Have it been verified that it work on TP link RE355?

Please read the whole post then you will find the answer above.

I stay at openwrt firmware. Now I configurate correctly and it stable now.

Ok, fine. But as written above you can switch easily to the original firmware back via re450_back_to_stock.bin.

All the best, samoth