Support for TP-Link RE355 which is identical with RE450?

It seems that the RE355 is absolutely equal with the RE450 only the identifier is different see

and the full documentation with pictures test report etc. under

It would be absolutely nice if anybody is able to compile the RE450 software for the RE355 with the rigtht identifier.

EU Firmware:
US Firmware:

LEDE Firmware RE450:

Best regards, Samoth

I also have the RE355.
If they are equal is that possible to use RE450 firmware on it ?
Thanks, Jerome

Yes the hardware is equal but the RE450 firmware will not match. We need a very small modification.

We need somebody who is able to derive from the existing RE450 software the new Software for the RE355 with the right identifiers See Attachments in the first post.

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I compile image for RE355. All configs are based on RE450 (LAN,WAN,WLAN,leds,buttons)

First please check if this device have recovery mode,

This image are untested.

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Thank you Heinz,
What do you mean by recovery mode ?

Thank you so much. May I know which one should I use? Sysupgrade.bin or factory.bin

Answering to my own question. Flash factory.bin followed by sysupgrade.bin

Managed to install the OpenWRT but couldn't get the repeater to work. I followed the instructions on how to set up as a wifi repeater but not sure if I have done it correctly.

Couldn't post more than 3 replies for newcomer. So I am replying on this old post.

The Luci GUI is integrated. I am using that to configure the repeater. But I am not sure why it is not working. There is no internet connection when the device is connected to the repeater.

Is LUCI integrated in the fimware ? If not first install it because it is easier to configure.

Best regards,Samoth

Everything is working on this router? LAN, WLAN, MAC address, leds and buttons?

In this firmware is missing relayd package.

New build with relayd package and relayd proto in luci.

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Yes, the router is working as usual. Thanks so much for the new build. I will try again.

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I open PR:


Thanks so much. But I have no time to try again this week. Can only do so next week.

Nightly firmware for the RE355 is now available under OpenWrt Snapshot Builds

Thanks Heinz for your support,

Best regards, Samoth

@Heinz: The firmware is running great everything is working fine (Repeater, Access Point). Thanks again.

Is there a way back to the original firmware without a serial cable ?

Best regards, samoth

I am thinking of getting some TP-Link RE355. Can anyone point me to the flashing instructions for this device?

@meshpoint. and

Best regards, samoth

Thanks this works great

@Heinz how can I generate a RE355 firmware to back to stock? Thanks!

@facada: See post from different thread Help please! 110$ re450 bricked!

Best regards, Samoth

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