Support for TP-LINK RE305 V4

Does anyone know if TP-LINK RE305 V4 is supported by OpenWrt? I tried to flash the firmware, which supposedly works on TP-LINK RE305 V3 via the web interface, but it is not uploading on my device.

Is it possible to upload it by other means (tftpd or serial)?

Which could indicate a 4mb flash, that's too small for openwrt anyway.

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sadly I ended up buying (another) one without realizing its v4, did anyone successfully flashed it? am i correct my only path is using an older openwrt (e.g. 19.x) and compile myself? can anyone confirm which chipset is inside before i open it up? :slight_smile: thanks!

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another RE305 v4 owner here. Couldn't find much info about flashing into v4.

I'd like to help to get support for RE305v4. I soldered USB-TTL cables into RE305v4. Somehow I got quite garbled output. The link is below. Any idea what could be wrong ?

What commands to look for in U-boot menu ? If the flash is only 4MB can OpenWRT be flashed ?


The serial bit - looks like RX and TX are fine but I think you need to check the GND connection. I suspect it's either not connected or connected badly.

Possible, but not really recommended:

16Mb RAM and 4Mb flash.

# mem -show

Heap Free Node:
num     adβ–’r  β–’   β–’ size
1       80b134c4 β–’  60
2β–’      80d08358    100
3β–’   β–’  80f9b6a0    128
4       80fa07β–’8  β–’ 3072
5       80ce7518 β–’  25704β–’
6       8056c410    40024
β–’   β–’   80fa9930    353992
Totalβ–’ Siβ–’e: 11091488
Used   Size:β–’10667848
Alloc Countβ–’ 11817
β–’Free   Size: 4230808
Free  Counβ–’:β–’10800
 Versioβ–’: 2.0
Name: FlashIo
Total β–’izβ–’(K)β–’ 4096
Erase Sector Size(K): 4
Block Num: 8.
Flash Layout:
β–’--β–’---β–’---β–’-------------| 0x0000β–’00000K)
β–’                     β–’  |β–’
β–’β–’                     β–’ |
β–’|BOOTIMG(52K)            |
 | β–’   β–’   β–’              |
|  β–’  β–’   β–’              |
β–’|  β–’                     β–’0x0000d000β–’52K)
β–’   β–’  β–’                 |
β–’FIRβ–’WARβ–’(3960K)         |
|β–’   β–’   β–’  β–’            |
|    β–’   β–’   β–’    β–’   β–’  |
|-------------------β–’---β–’| 0β–’003eb000(4012K)
|FACTORβ–’_Pβ–’OFIβ–’E(4β–’)     |
β–’----------β–’---β–’---β–’-β–’---| 0x003ec000(4016K)
 | β–’   β–’                  |
| β–’   β–’   β–’              |
|ISPCONFβ–’G(5β–’K)          |
|      β–’   β–’   β–’   β–’     |
|          β–’   β–’   β–’   β–’ |
|------------β–’---β–’---β–’---| 0x003fa000(4072K)
|CONFIβ–’(8Kβ–’   β–’   β–’      |
β–’-------β–’-β–’---β–’---β–’------| 0x003fc000(4080K)
|EXPLOG(8K)  β–’   β–’   β–’   β–’
β–’|PROFILβ–’(4Kβ–’             |β–’x003fe000(4088K)
|β–’---β–’---β–’---------------| 0x003β–’f000(4092K)
β–’RADIO(4K)     β–’   β–’   β–’ |

16 MB RAM completely disqualifies it (4 MB flash already would have, but the RAM makes it -much- worse).

Ok, well that's it.

Is it worth to update wiki with this information for RE305 v4 that it is not for openwrt ?

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probably because there isn't any.

the list of unsupported devices would be longer than the supported list.

True. Well, but at least then I would know it for sure. Now there was no information about flash or memory size before I found it out that it is no go for openwrt.

Your efforts didn’t go in vain. Next person with this device might try to search this forum and learn from your research.

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