Support for TP-LINK RE305 V3

Unfortunately it didn’t work either, goes to 3% then “unable to update”

Same behavior for

Could tftp server work?

Strange. Did you try a factory reset with the stock firmware? TFTP should also work.

I’m wondering if there are different stock firmwares for US and EU models.

Yes I did, same result. Okey I’ll test it.
Probably, I’m guessing your file is the us-version? Since my should be EU.

Tried to do tftp, didn't work. So I might need to go back to openwrt then do it. If you're not able to generate a EU-version also?

Not 100% sure, but I think this has to do with the OpenWRT factory.bin image setting the version to "2.0.0" for reasons described above in this thread. This becomes set in the devices "soft-version" partition when factory.bin is flashed. Sysupgrade can only modify the "firmware" partition (which overlaps the original "os-image" and "file-system" partitions). So after sysupgrade restores the OEM firmware, when you later try upgrade to the later OEM firmware, it doesn't work because the version is still set at "2.0.0" which is too high. Usually the OpenWRT firmwares use "0.0.0" so this doesn't happen.;a=commitdiff;h=70737600d9385486df5c1970b4ab41ccb17006fa;hp=86739f2b3ae9502368b89ef37fa6f31c42aad6f4

It's a bit tricky to workaround. AFAIK one way to change it would be to change the "config" partition here to not read-only, rebuild+flash, then carefully hexedit the soft-version location in the /dev/mtd file. The other way would be read-change-write with an external flash programmer.

TFTP restore would also easily fix this, but lately TP-Link don't have that automatically enabled in some of their devices's u-boot firmware, and it requires serial console access :frowning:

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The device will be supported in the next stable. 22.03.0 You can find a Release Candidate (testing version) here

Is it safe to SYSUPGRADE from " Powered by LuCI Master (git-21.168.56661-e57f866) / OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r16957-3d026d2425" to this version, or what is the recommanded way?

Yes, it was safe to upgrade. RC4 works well.