Support for tp-link ec220-g5

I confirm that it is now working and I want to thank @mietekn for allowing this to happen! But I have some questions.

1° When I measure the speed I am limited to 134 mbps in the tests I did on speedtest. Typically goes up to 300 mbps.

2° Could I install Wireguard or Zerotier or does this router not support these technologies?!

3° Is it normal for the disk space to be 1.69 mib? I believe it should be 8? Thanks

Ad1. The router does not support hardware offloading, hence the limited speed. It is true that the mt7620 chip allows this, but in OpenWRT but for Openwrt no one implemented it (yet).
The speed is 130Mb/s when you test it, but when you download a large file (several GB), you will notice that the speed is faster.

Ad2. Wireguard is supported by OpenWRT. You can install it.

Ad3. The router has a total of 8MB flash memory, most of it is taken up by the system (including the image you installed). What's left is the 1.69MB

I've tried but this issue appears: * The installed version of package kernel is not compatible, require 6.1.82~c4bdc661…-r1 while 6.1.82~92ae9469…-r1 is installed.

It's best to add the package permanently at compile time. It will be in the appropriate version and will take up the least space (due to compression on the system partition).

It's true, there seems to be little space.

Please again, update all links to my binaries in your replies to this or remove them. According to CVE-2024-3094, xz located on them may be backported!!!

I think I've now removed them all. Returning to the subject of EC220, what would be the next steps for it to be supported here at Openwrt? Would it have to become "independent" of the C5?

As I have already mentioned, you need a specification, description of installation and restoration, parameters and order of the serial port, etc.
For Archer C5 v4 it looked like this:

made some speed/stability tests with iperf3 for eth wlan5g and wlan2g. each test is one hour long
client intel ax200. only def setup.


and wlan5g

Since there are problems with the performance of 2.4GHz WiFi for Mediatek MT7620, disable 802.11w Management Frame Protection in Wireless Security.

I just created a patch to add the router permanent in the repository. Please test:

Please analyze the code and comment, several approvals are needed for the PR to be accepted.

PR: just got approved.


Thank you for your commitment Mietken for getting this up to Openwrt.


Is possible that all this work on EC220-G5 V3?