Support for tp-link be900

Any updates on support for the TP-link wifi 7 routers? Anyone tested it yet?

What did your investigation suggest?

Yea, probably not since most of the information that I have found is from the beginning of this year. I guess they haven’t released any other compatibility for wifi 7 devices? Cause I found a bunch of Qualcomm information since people have telnetted into the device.

If the 802.11ax development efforts are anything to go by, you're looking at 2+ years of work ahead - and it's still -kind of- early 2024.

Mhm, thanks though!

Since I was looking for alternatives for software for them since tp-link is deciding that they are starting to give up. But it should be okay for another couple years anyways

I am not aware of any OpenWrt developer or regular contributor even having bought ipq95xx or ipq53xx devices at this point - and pricing (and the expected hurdles put up be the vendor, which means Xiaomi or TP-Link not necessarily being ideal for target bringup) is a factor.

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