Support for Tp-link archer mr600

Hi! Will you support this router?
Can I change TTL in it for tethering?

It appears it does have support , although no one has created a device page for it yet[Model*~]=Mr600

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Could you help me with some manuals(links, etc)? I didn't flash any software in WiFi, and at first time in this forum, but I'm really need to change TTL in my router.

And is open-mesh mr600=to link mr600?

Without any documentation to go on, be aware that this is a bit risky and may brick your router.

Here is a blurb from another archer model. The process might be the same for your mr600

Please note however that this page will refuse to install firmware uploaded with a long filename. To bypass this limitation, download the relevant factory-flash BIN-file and then rename the file to firmware.bin before uploading.

Give that a try first using this image - hopefully it doesn’t brick your router...

If that doesn’t work, you might have luck using tftp method.

For older stock firmware version for the Archer C7 V5, installing OpenWrt is only possible through TFTP server, (V18.06.1 confirmed) Make sure to upgrade the stock firmware first if you want to use the manual firmware upload feature which can be easier than setting up a TFTP server.

Good luck

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Search for many threads on trying to change TTL.

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I doubt they are the same (OpenMesh is an old SoC and no cellular modem, from the data page on the wiki). TFTP flash likely will not work and may damage the router.

I agree with you. Better wait for the verified information. This is not as easy as Android rom flash, here I need to think)) (I mean, if something wrong)

Incorrect file) I'll try from system/change file from...

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