Support for TP-Link Archer C64 AC1200?

Dear i have following cable in picture
and pins already mentioned on router PCB board but i don't know which wire color is RX,TX,GND AND 3.3V.
i have download putty but don't know it ask for com and speed in serial section.
plz share it would be helpful if you have any tutorial link for connections.Thank u

Neither do we, ask the seller.

GND is probably black, red 3.3v, the other two, trial and error, it won't break anything.
Want to be sure, use a multimeter.

Googled putty serial how to ?

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Sorry for late reply
i connected the cables as per pins and opened com port in putty but nothin happen. can you tell me what to do now?
thank you

did you connect the 3.3V ? if you did, disconnect it.

you can also try swapping the TX and RX pins.

yes i connected 4 cables ok i ll update u after disconnecting it

you should never connect the + voltage.

ok i got some moving text let me paste here :grinning: :grinning:

i got error while paste here its says 32000 character limit u have 58000

then post it at pastebin, or split up the log into two posts.

use the </> ------------------^ when pasting logs.

if you need more information plz ask me and guide me i ll put commands and reply u with result :grinning: :grinning:

i again tried serial access and found this complete data after processing moving text

As already stated by @slh, there's currently no support for this SoC, do whatever you'd
like with your newly acquired knowledge ...

can you tell me what is the flash size and ram of this device?
Thank you

the RAM size is in your pastebin, i think the flash is the small chip in your top photo, google the markings.

i just want to know ram size in Mb and flash size in mb.ok i ll find it myself. thank you

the RAM size is in MB ...

DRAM is 32mb but dunno about flash storage size

so google the chip.

32mb isn't enough for any recent openwrt version.≤4MB%20Flash,low%20RAM%20and%20Flash%20space.

yea i was like it is a powerful router but its ok i ll find a good openwrt supported AC Gigabit router at reasonable price