Support for TP-Link Archer C5400

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Just wanted to ask. Is TPLINK Archer C5400 (V2/V1) capable of running OpenWRT? There are a lot of problems with the firmware of this device and using OpenWRT on this really fast router can solve a lot of problems. I would be happy if someone just provides some detail about the development of this one if there is :D.

Hope anyone can clear this up to me?

Is it listed in the table of hardware? if not, you have your answer.

The device might be supportable (brcmfmac), but that doesn't mean anyone has done the work to actually add support for it yet (or ever).

Hardware specs for information:

That’s great. If someone needs help for developing for this, I’m willing to help. :slight_smile:

This is the most high-end product from TP-Link and hopefully, we can work some out from it soon.

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Like always,you need a dev to actually have the hardware to create support for it.
Looks similar to R8000

If the router uses OpenWRT as stock firmware, how hard would it be to port the GPL code to a custom firmware branch? What other router uses close to the same hardware that OpenWRT already supports? I have never built a firmware but im willing to learn.

@jeiannueva: I wonder if you ever found alternatives to the TP-Link firmware. I recently bought the same product and I have found, as did you, that the TP-Link firmware is very buggy. I should have known better - I've bought Chinese hardware before which has also had really terrible firmware.