Support for Tp-Link Archer C5400 V2

I am new to development. I have had this router laying around for years and would love to get open wrt installed to use it as a wireless repeater.

router spec:

If anyone can guide me through the building process it would be very helpfull. Just want the repeater function.

Broadcom is pretty much a no go, if you need wireless.

Found a device with similar spec Dlink DIR-885L has OpenWRT firmware so is it possible to build for this one?

Sure, if you don't need/want any decent wifi.

855L have Qualcomm radios, not Broadcom.

No they both have Broadcom radio. Have a look here
BTW I am talking about A1 version of 885L

Yeah, my bad. I mixed 855L and 885L up.

But the statement stands, Broadcom wifi is a no go, from an openwrt point of view.

But this 885L has worked with full 2.4g and also 5g support

knock yourself out.

He is talking about A2 version but I am referring to A1 version