Support for tp-link archer c50 v2

c50 seems like a great device - cheap, small, dual band. perfect for the community networks i'm working

there seems to be support for the c50 v1, but i could not find it locally: only v2. now v2 seems to run atheros SOC, so it doesn't seem complicated to get it working. how can help the development of it?


Specs for reference:

Collect data:

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i can telnet into it (not ssh),but i don't get the usual linux shell. instead, i get some tp-link shell:

normal mode commands:
        clear           ---     clear screen
        exit            ---     leave to the privious mode
        help            ---     help info
        history         ---     show histroy commands
        logout          ---     logout cli model
config mode commands:
        config          ---     enter config mode
        igmp            ---     igmp config
        wan             ---     wan config
        wlctl           ---     wireless config
        lan             ---     lan config
        dev             ---     device control

then i tried i few commands:

valid sub cmd:

TP-LINK(conf)#dev version
cmd:SUCC:softwareVersion=0.8.0 0.3 v005c.1 Build 160801 Rel.73434n
TP-LINK(conf)#dev serial
valid sub cmd:

TP-LINK(conf)#dev serial show

is there anything else i could get from this shell?

I also have this router but wouldn't be able to make a serial connection to the board. Is there anything else I could do to help LEDE support this device?

The Archer C50 v2 is a broken model altogether. Please avoid at all costs since the hardware design is defective. No third-party firmware will fix your problem. Apparently, TP-Link will be sending me the v3 but I'm not sure I'll give them another chance.

Can you be more specific in that what you mean?

@menkatek has another thread about the C50 if you are interested. There was an identical problem with a WR1043ND as well...

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