Support for Totolink A7000R

The Toto link has a new route: A7000R that has dual 1.7Ghz cpu and 1G memory and it cost only about 500 RMB and about $73 . I think that is a powerfull hardware and cheaper. Can openwrt support this hardware ?

The SOC, probably; the wlan (both cards), not anytime soon.

I got the hardware , it base on MT7621AT(2c/4t @880Mhz) + 2 Mt7615N (AC 2.4G + 5G) + Winbond W631GG6kb-12 (1GB RAM) + Winbond W25Q128JVSIQ (128M Nor flash) there are Fraudulent advertising not 1.7GHz (880 + 880 = 1760MHz ?????)

Note: W631GG6KB is a "1G bits" DDR3 SDRAM (1Gb = 128MiB).

I could not find the description "CPU clock is 1.7 GHz" on totolink official website.