Support for TL-WR840N(ES) Ver 5.0 (EU)


Ok thanks for your time


I tried to revert to original firmware from lede snapshot by placing firmware file in tmp folder after power was cut and my router's led is blinking with slow speed and no connection is showing


That does not work


@robimarko Thanks for your job, but what's the point in the firmware in which wifi does not work properly? Can you make firmware with proprietary wifi driver?


I dont know,people asked for device to be supported and donated me one device,so it has got support.

I cant make version with propriatery driver


Can We use GUI if wr change flash memory to some large size


Yes,but you also gotta change partition layout in DTS to reflect that


What is a bumped driver ?


Never version used


Hey Vonger, on your December post, i see you compiled an image for VoCore. How can we make it work for TL-WR840N Ver 5.0? (you have a sysupgrade.bin only for VoCore2)


I am obviously referring to mt7628.ko


you can get mt7628.ko out of that image, if same cpu it will work


Thanks. Trying like crazy to unsquashfs and unsquashfs-lzma the bin you posted to no avail. What tool should I use to extract the file i need from your bin? I dont have a vocore2.


how to recover to stock...i had here after after flash no lan power blinking slowly

where is the stock firmware


Here they say that we have to build own image with luci included .
Through what process can we make own image with luci to fit in 4 mb flash


You cant fit it into 4mb of flash


I mean in 8 mb flash


Well,you gotta take a dump of partitions and then make a new layout.
Move all important stuff to the beginning of 8MB of flash.
Then you gotta correct partition layout in DTS and change layout from 4Mtk to 8Mtk in


How to correct layout partition in dts and where is file


Look,I wont make changes to DTS just because of you.
You will need to figure it out yourself,but you need to extend firmware partition

Also,you need to move factory partition,DO NOT JUST change its location and flash that image,you will lose all of that data.
You need to use firmware dump extract it