Support for TL-WR840N(ES) Ver 5.0 (EU)


How much space is not enough?


Hello guys, I have a TL-WR840N(BR) Ver 5.0 with original TP-LINK firmware, and I am able to test it.

I have noticed that is not possible no access uboot console during startup by typing ‘tpl’ during boot.

How do you guys used tftp in this case ? I have read the entire thread and would like to contribute with this device support. @robimarko @amaurynieto


Setup a TFTP server on a connected computer.

TFTP tutorials…


I cannot find tftp at the client side (router) so, how to proceed? @jwoods


Just flash sysupgrade.bin for 840 v5 through web ui


I thought was not possible to upload a sysupgrade through OEM web ui.
So I tried and the error was:

Error Code: 4503
The sent file was not accepted by the device

Original in portuguese
Erro de Código: 4503
O arquivo enviado não foi aceito pelo dispositivo.



It is.
But it looks like your model is regional so it refuses the firmware


@meistre can you copy-paste here your software version string from web ui?


As mentioned above, you would use TFTP from a connected computer, instead of the router.


@jwoods Is it possible to send the firmware through lan without tftp client at the router? I'm gonna check better.


Yes, that's why I posted links to download TFTP servers that can be used on your computer.


Please dont flash sysupgrade image over TFTP.
That will brick your router,if you need TFTP image I can send you one and then simply sysupgrade to latest OpenWRT


First I have heard that...

I have flashed firmware using a TFTP server (specifically tftp32 and tftp64) with no issues.


Thats because you need to pad out u-boot partition on this router.
Otherwise it will get bricked.
This is specific to 840 v4/v5 and 841 v13
Needed code:


So reading posts above, it sounds like that's because the v4 bootloader was used to build v5, not because the router can't accept TFTP images.


Yeah,it can accept TFTP images.
Router I used to get LEDE working even had then 840N v4 U-boot which off course bricked it 3 times when trying to TFTP flash until I looked at flashing command and saw that idiots used the same commands and v5 has half of the flash.

Thankfully they provide full U-boot sources in GPL so after building it I reflashed with proper version.
So now I can use TFTP for recovery if needed.
That Is why I did not include TFTP images in PR at all,since 99% of users wont bother to get USB to UART and check if their U-boot is proper one and there will be bricked boards.


@meistre can you copy-paste here your software version string from web ui?

Firmware Version:
0.9.1 3.16 v004c.0 Build 170503 Rel.62775n
Hardware Version:
TL-WR840N v5 00000005


Thanks @robimarko, What means pad out uboot partition?


@robimarko Could you say what exactly you did in that commit ?


@jwoods, means that @robimarko used the uboot version from 840n v4.0 to build lede for 840n v5 ?