Support for TL-WR840N(ES) Ver 5.0 (EU)


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Just to be clear, it is needed for several TP-Link routers sharing the same OEM firmware format, with the same way to embed headers and bootloader into the final firmware image. It does not work (to the extent of being unbootable) on TP-Link firmware images for the very same routers that don't include an update to the bootloader (u-boot), it could be fatal for newer TP-Link routers with a different firmware format (TP-Link has been experimenting with their firmware formats recently, even for older routers) and it would very likely be terminal for routers from other vendors.


Hoho, new driver mt7628.ko for LEDE 4.9 is ready, I do not want to paste my blog again, check here VoCore2: Wireless Driver for Linux 4.9(LEDE latest version). Tested on my VoCore2, works very very well :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi do you have lede imag for 840 v5


Please read through the thread.
There is image for 840 v5 in Lede downloads


You can give me the link pls



But i want web interface pls


You cant use it,LuCi cant fit in only 4MB of flash


i have tplink 840 v5 flash 4m.b


Again, you cant fit Luci in 4MB of flash.

So to summarise, you cant get web UI.


I have version TL-WR840N Ver 5.0 (EU) which has 64MB memory and 32MB flash.
I perfectly compiled all including web luci and flashed via original web interface.
I have internet on lan ports but wifi is not broadcasting.
It broadcasting ssid for some seconds then stops and I can not connect.
Anyone have similar problems ?
I can help developer for debugging if he needs to.


That does not sound like 840 v5 at all.
You maybe have 32Mb of flash which is 4MB


You are right. 4MB flash and 64 MB memory. Anyway i have working luci without problems.
The only problem is that wifi does not work. Not broadcasting.


can openvpn ran on this


Yes but i do not know if space is enough. I am waiting for working wireless there.
If anyone writes patches or something i can test immediately.


is there a way i can install openvpn embedtls in this...i realy needed openvpn though and i just brought the wrong version instead of v4 sad...


well progress about the openvpn....i made a firmware...using image builder stripping some of the unwanted files...the firmware now is at 3.1mbs...finally installed openvpn-embedtls...and working...
though wifi is unstable...
thank you


Yes, but openvpn-mbedtls, not openvpn-openssl because of space constrictions.


There si a thread that specifically targets MT76 compatibility and @nossiac has made a lot of progress, and uploaded a blob a few days ago but alas, I have no idea how to integrate it. If you do, please post how you did in that thread.