Support for TL-WR840N(ES) Ver 5.0 (EU)


try also............hope works


if someone work 100 of maybe just enough to be good...kindly post tutorials


Hm,It may not work as you have made it for kernel 4.4 and we are currently on 4.9


Ah, that's fast, I will make a new version and public


hi good sir maybe am asking too far... arrive just this morning wr940n v4..tftp-ing is hard no luck flashing lede firmware...since there is a firmware for this can anyone here give me a link...proper flashig....sorry for off topic..i find you guys more smarter


good morning I'll answer you in the correct thread


Hi robimarko
I have wr840n v.5 and successfully install LEDE. Then I try again to restore stock firmware using TFTP.
Now I have bricked device (Green led blink) and i need TFTP image with bootloader.

Thanks in advice


If green LED is blinking then you dont need bootloader since if you didnt have the bootloader your router would be totaly dead.

Like I said,I cant help you go back to stock.
But I can send you TFTP image to recover to LEDE


Will be great to recover LEDE. Can you send me link to image?

Thank you


is wr840n v5 ready for use or still on testing phase


Its ready for use but driver for MT7628 wifi is not so great.
Altough tommorow LEDE should use bumped driver


Hi all.
I want to share some experience how to revert to stock firmware WR840N v5.
1.Copy or wget original(stock) firmware to /tmp folder on LEDE
2.Strip original image with dd cmd to remove bootloader part from image
2.1. SSH to LEDE cd to /tmp and run:
dd if=originalfw.bin of=originalfw_striped.bin skip=257 bs=512
3.Execute: sysupgrade originalfw_striped.bin
4.After reboot I have stock firmware on my router


your a genius, thank you so much for this


i suffered from same problem. I loaded lede snapshot on 840 but only green light blinking. Lan ethernets not working, Wan ethernet shows its connected. Help to revert back to stock firmware.


Can you get me log over serial?
Without it I cant really help you.


where can i get serial header pics ?


There is no need for it since all pins are labeled


The skip 257 is unique to this router, or does it also work on others.


I think will work on others.I follow few links:

Back to stock firmware section:


Hi could you post the link again please? It looks like you last posted in August.