Support for TL-WR840N(ES) Ver 5.0 (EU)


can anyone teach me how to use this wireless driver posted by vonger? tia


lets try to ask vonger...


hi @Vonger do you mind sharing guide how to use your wifi driver? please :sweat_smile:


emm. I thought it is clean
copy mt7628.ko to your device.
then insmod. copy mt7628an.dat to /etc/wireless/mt7628/mt7628an.dat(my bad, forget this file, I have updated the blog)

then install iwpriv package.
then use iwpriv set it up :slight_smile:


one thing how to insomod....


sir robi, can you help me how to make a tiny 840nv5 so that i can fit vongers ipriv and so is openvpn embedtls...




I cant help you with that


well thanks anyway sir....


i recompile image for tl-wr840n v5 with luci and installed succesfully but i now notice that changes made not binding on device,, when i reboot it will reset to defaults :frowning:


Really, how come?

@robimarko, is there a way to have this 840n v5 to have Luci as a client device with just the right stuff? Like a micro version?
Thank you for your effort.


Most likely there is.
You can read throught this thread:

Also,you can disable kallsyms in kernel,that will save you about 120k

thanks for this i have recompiled a 940n v6 with openvpn smoothly, i have to get my 840n v5 back.....and will try to put luci ...sorry for the english


I compiled with luci, but i'm not at home now to test, if someone want try


anyone here had applied vongers idea for the wifi


iwpriv ra0 set SiteSurvey=1
this what it happens when i try the code above "no private ioctls"



with openvpn and luci


Hi, thanks for your help, I made the mistake of using the TFTP Recovery in my 840N v5 and I blocked it, I do not have much experience in these issues but I want to know how to rewrite the SPI Flash to try to fix it, when I connect it to the power green led is flashing ... Sorry my bad english


Read through the thread.
There are stock images modded for TFTP flashing,since you have LED flashing you can recover it with TFTP.


Is wifi working properly?