Support for TL-MR6400 V4?


I have a TP-Link MR6400 V4 which I would love to flash with OpenWrt. It seems the previous model V1 is supported, but I haven't seen support for the later models.

Any chance that this model could get supported?



I would like to have it for V4 too!

Thank you.

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Me as well! That is why I just joined :slight_smile:

(will the V1 firmware not work?)
(how does a newbie / not-too-good-at-this-stuff person go about helping to get the right firmware made up?)

FYI - OpenWrt support has been added for MR6400 V4.

This topic was intended for adding support for this specific device.
Since official snapshot images are available now, I will set a timer for this topic to close.

Therefore: Please open new topics for any open issues with this device.

I had an issue with QMI. It worked the first time but after the first reboot no response to uqmi commands. So I tried ModemManager instead and it seems to work even after reboots. I'll look more closely at the QMI issue. Thanks @tmomas.

This is what I'm using to build this image.
Do you know when it will have a stable release?

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