Support for TBS routers (ZyXEL EMG1702-T10A, DLink DIR-819)

The DLink DIR-819 and ZyXEL EMG1702-T10A share the same hardware specs and the same bootloader. The images are identical, except for some partition atributes.

TBS routers use a 90 bytes header for upload in the web interface. This header is only used for the factory install.


SoC: MediaTek MT7620a @ 580MHz
RAM: 64M
WiFi: 2.4Ghz SoC-integrated: MediaTek MT7620a bgn
WiFi: 5GHz radio MediaTek MT7610

UART header on PCB (115200 8n1)


  1. Rename the factory image to factory.img
  2. Upload the image using the web interface

Revert to the vendor firmware:

  1. Remove the header (first 90 bytes) from the
    vendor firmware and do a sysupgrade.

can you provide the firmware ?