Support for target: SAMA5D27 WLSOM1

Microchip has two flavors based on the SAMA5D27 SOM:


The first one has image files at:

However, they don't work with SAMA5D27 WLSOM1 EK. This hardware just does not boot with any of the images at the above link.

The difference between the two is the addition of the wifi module in SAMA5D27 WLSOM1 EK.

Any plans to support SAMA5D27 WLSOM1 EK also?

If the image does not boot, there's more at play than just a WiFi module (it might just be another board name string in the bootloader, e.g.).

Start with studying the commit for the board that is supported, and verify all of the information in the changes in comparison to your board to see what is the same and whats different;a=commit;h=22c398d2576b97b5afc67d6802528dc9eceb4d8a

Disregard what I just said....

the DTS file for this board is in linux already, but since version 5.6, openwrt is using 5.4 in master branch right now

so you can make a commit with:

Or you can wait until Openwrt Master is using at least linux 5.6

then the commit to add the board only needs edits to the makefiles

Got it. Thanks.

Many thanks for the tidbits. I had tried your instructions and eventually got a build that would atleast load on the relevant dev board ( However, I could not do opkg update/install since I started get "has no valid architecture, ignoring" issues. Searched for the resolution on this blog and a number of other sites, but no avail.

By the way, the DK board powers up just fine with the microchip supported branch here:

Is there an official way to request addition of this DK board to the official openwrt builds?

there is mailing list or github, I recommend github

push a git branch with the changes to github
then open a pull request

@mpratt14, I pushed a git branch with changes and created a pull request below:

Will it be possible now to get auto snapshot builds?


yes but very likely they will ask for changes

after it is accepted and nothing is wrong, public images will be available the next day