Support for Synology DS112j

Hello, is it possible to port openwrt to DS112J?
Device specs:
CPU : Marvell Kirkwood 88F6702
RAM : DDR2 128 MB
MX 32Mbit Serial Flash 25L3206E

Marvell Kirkwood 88F6702 is an extremely old SoC that's not remotely suitable for network routing needs. Also, this is a NAS, what do you plan to use OpenWrt on it for?

DSM of any version is too heavy for this NAS, so I'm looking for a lighter alternative

There are a few kirkwood nas boxes supported by OpenWrt however all of those have enough flash / nand storage to store the firmware. The synology devices have a tiny amount of storage and seem to save the firmware on the sata drive(s).

There has been a discussion about adding a sata boot option for kirkwood devices but it seems to have stalled.

The guys at the doozan forum do specialize in running Debian on kirkwood devices. They can probably help with running a minimal Debian system from USB / sata.

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