Support for switch fault tolerance?

Hi, I need to add a TL-WDR4900 running LEDE into an existing network which is designed around a dual-switch fault-tolerent 'core', comprising two Netgear managed switches. The LEDE box must provide inter-vlan routing for 3 vlans, WAN gateway, and related services (DHCP,DNS etc.) The switches are connected via a Vlan trunk, so the LEDE box connection must take account of layer 2 loop avoidance. The Netgear switches are running MSTP.

The LEDE box will replace an existing pfSense box which consumes too much power. The pfSense box uses a 'Failover' LAGG connected across the two switches to provide fault tolerance.

Is there any equivalent in LEDE ? I'd be interested to hear of anyone running OpenWRT/LEDE in a fault tolerance setup.

Quick update on this, I worked around it by re-engineering the network to have the WDR4900 between the two core switches passing the layer 2 vlan trunk, and switching off STP. So I now have a SPOF between the two switches, but as this will be the SPOF for layer 3 its no great detriment.