Support for Strong 1200



Thnks for the info. In addition to LuCI, do you know which packages are included into release images?

I didn't found buildlogs of release images and I'm not sure which are the exactly differences between snapshot and release.



Please see config.seed.


Thnks so much!

I've updated the images with luci and the packages that usually are in release images.


Good Morning,

I have the Strong 1200 router, when installing firmware openwrt gave an error starting and now I can not get it to work.
I can access by ssh and putty, is there a solution?


There's another rebrand of this MTC Wireless Router WR1201 for the US market.

Model number HT-ND001 and should have the same WR1201-ZC01-01 board as well. Thankfully there is a firmware file for this one that you can get from their website that you can find below.

WikiDevi link:


Please, describe better what you exactly did and what is happening right now.




Maybe someone have this one and could report us if it works as well as with Strong.