Support for Strong 1200

I just got the HooToo HT-ND001 version of this router to play with, loaded up an OpenWRT snapshot following the instructions, and I noticed that /proc/cpuinfo was only showing 1C/2T. After looking here, I saw that this matched with the info shown here for the Strong 1200 version of the router. Being the curious sort, I opened up my router and popped off the heat sink to see if the cpu was really the single core MT7621ST. However, what I found was a proper dual core MT7621AT.

So, a look at the u-boot source for similar MT7621 routers (since the specific source for the HooToo HT-ND001 / Strong 1200 / MTC WR1201 didn't seem to be available) indicated that it was likely that the u-boot used was not configured with dual core support turned on when it was built. Luckily, the way they had structured the initialization code, indicated that a 1 bit patch of the u-boot image (to set the "more cores" count during initialization from '0' to '1') might solve the issue an properly enable the second core.

So, I saved a copy of the the original HooToo HT-ND001 u-boot partition off to my PC did some quick disassembly, and produced a patched (changed 1 whole bit) u-boot image that has the proper core count set for the MT7621AT. After using the kmod-mtd-rw module to allow writing the image to the correct mtd partition (which OpenWRT normally keeps read only for safety) and rebooting, I now have 2C/4T showing inside of OpenWRT.

From looking here, the u-boot bootloader partition that I dumped from the HooToo HT-ND001 is identical to the one posted here for the Strong 1200 (SHA256 match), so it should work the same on either router.

For any highly adventurous sorts, I've posed the 2 u-boot files (original and modified) here on my google drive. I've not included further instructions at the moment, as the risk of bricking your router if something goes wrong flashing the bootloader is VERY VERY HIGH. I've only done this on my own personal HooToo router, which I had physically verified contained the MT7621AT chip.

MTC_WR1201_uboot_original.img (hash matches the image for the Strong 1200 posted above)
SHA256: 9A3EFBD7AC70946B144A97752DA25C4FF1D663D082D634927BBC5D01C73878B1

MTC_WR1201_uboot_modified.img (A 1 bit change at 0x708)
SHA256: 3349323201EA4430F6232D558CE30BD1B064F18DBE0090E5F98BAC3AB9A95EBA