Support for RTL9601B

Hey there, I have gotten a BDCOM P1501D1 ONU lying around with no use. I want to attempt to install openwrt on it, Apparently it has a SDK for it named Luna SDK but I don't know where to source it nor do I know how to use it, this is so of more a tinkering rather than actually using the thing, Just need a guide on how to build it for this, not actual support.

I doubt you will be able to make much headway based on the description of the device, but here is how you would go about the process of building openwrt for something that is not currently supported:

Forgot to mention it is a realtek RTL9601, thanks for guide

You could always search the forum for RTL9601.

Nothing useful..

That probably answers the supportability question...

It has a sdk, so maybe?

You'd better buy a lottery ticket.