Support for rtl8852be

Is there or will there be a support for this wifi chipset, RTL8852be?
I see Gl-inet beryl ax uses this.

I also see this GitHub for linux drivers:

This is most probably the only wifi card I could find for reasonable rate in my area. I am trying to build a super portable wifi network out of my NanoPi r5c. I understand this doesn't have official OpenWrt support yet. But I am trying to find my way around. Do not disregard because of that.

Do yourself a favour and do not buy anything with Realtek or Broadcom WiFi. A code dump on GitHub or a driver in staging does not imply it can run as an access point, nor does it mean it can run well as an access point.

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yup. i do understand that Broadcom and realtek are no go. However there’s two reason I created this post despite that fact.

  1. that’s the only not intel wifi I can find in my country, india.
  2. i see Gl-inet openwrt based OS already using it.

so i hoped I could get some more insights on it, since that seems my only option. if you could give me some more advice on how can I create a super portable battery powered all in one wifi router, that will also be great.
something I could use in hotels, friends, relatives house to wireguard back to my home servers. let my team/ friends use this router and some services over wireguard without sharing keys/ creds with everyone.

Do not mistake a vendor SDK for OpenWrt proper. While GL.iNet makes efforts to use an up to date OpenWrt where possible - and that is not the case when it comes to Realtek or QCA wireless - it's still a bunch of binary blobs with restricted licences and whatnot thrown together. It is not OpenWrt. Any vendor claiming OpenWrt support while requiring you to run their OpenWrt images is violating the OpenWrt trademark and guilty of false advertising. The only router running OpenWrt proper is the one I can buy off the shelf and install vanilla OpenWrt on.

GL.iNet offers travel routers, those would be the easiest way combined with a good powerbank I'd say.

That’s the problem with my case. Gl-inet is not available in my country. And QCA, realtek and intel cards are only options I see online for wifi cards. Usb alfa cards are available, but very expensive. However, i do understand your point.

Can I try creating an opkg with the linux drivers on the github? is that something that is possible or people do?

No one can, or will, stop you...

They do, but most fail.

That's a bit harsh, isn't it?

@numboDumbo Drivers are intricately linked to the kernel you're running. A package will not suffice unless you build it against the OpenWrt kernel source and use the resulting kernel and driver package together. That basically means you are building your own image. Which is not that difficult but the type of questions you ask suggest you are rather inexperienced with it (NOFI).

Even if you'd get the driver packaged, that would still leave the question whether it works in AP mode wide open.

keep in mind you'll have to maintain the driver on your own, for all future releases,
unless you get it into mainline kernel ...

Are there no international suppliers that ship to India? I've read several reports about AsiaRF cards with Mediatek chipsets that seemingly work fine.

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Yeah. I don't think it will be worth it. I will prefer a less hassle device.

They might. I am not sure. I cannot find any post or review of AsiaRf shipping to India.
Also, the whole additional shipping cost which I will have to pay twice (based on my previous experience for international shipping) throws the price to application ratio out of the window.

Thank you for letting me know about this awesome website though. I might buy something from them in future.

Yeah, good point, not worth it.