Support for RTL838x based managed switches

I just pushed my support branch from a few months ago. Looks like I intended to submit two patches: One for the device and one for the PHYs. The one for the device should still apply with only little changes, but the PHY patch needs more attention.

Both are clearly based on @janh's excellent work on the HPE series, I just made a few small changes to the PHY code.

I'm pretty sure I won't have much time to work on this for the next weeks, feel free to port this forward.


Any update?

I know this function is present in TP-Link switches, even not expensive ones.

I may have also seen this in similarly priced Netgear switches.

Actually yes; I've managed to add support for L2 port isolation to the rtl83xx DSA driver.

You can find my PR here - testing much appreciated :slight_smile:


Once the patch is applied, will the function be available through Luci?

How do we get it in a snapshot form as far as the repository to get more testers onboard?

Create a PR, build an image off recent main with the PR applied, share images, collect feedback and bug the devs.

Yes - in fact, the option exists without my patch, it just doesn't do anything.

The setting can be found on the configuration page of each switch port:
(Network > Interfaces > Devices > Configure...)