Support for Osbridge 5G device

Hi all!
Two months ago I have bought an used Osbdrige 5G router. Compared to the ones now present on Osbridge website is an old device, probably one of the first versions manufactured. The router works perfectly and I want to install OpenWrt on it, but I've not found any version of the firmware compiled for this device.
Physically, the device is a plastic box for electrical plants with a router board and some other stuff mounted inside. The router board has two mini-PCI solots with a 5GHz wlan card each; the cards have no label which can help to identify them except for the code "WMIA-201AG V01" written on the PCB.
Here are some specs of the router board:

  • processor: IXP426
  • RAM: 2 x K4S56132E
  • Flash: JS28F640
  • Micrel 88E6060 ethernet switch chip
  • 5 ethernet ports with PoE
  • serial port for console on a DB9 connector

Is there anyone which can help me in compiling and installing OpenWrt on it?

Thank you!

Here you can find some pictures of the device: